Learn Blues Guitar

Have you been thinking about Blues Guitar? Want to learn Blues Guitar? Want to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa or Gary Moore? They are simply awesome. Check out the videos below!

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Joe Bonamassa

Gary Moore

You Can Learn Blues Guitar Too

To learn Blues Guitar is actually not as hard as you think. Especially if you can find a pro guitarist as an instructor who is available whenever you feel like learning a bit more. Imagine, this pro is always ready to teach you more. He is not only a great guitar player but he also knows something about teaching. He can structure his lessons in a way that will make you learn faster while having fun.

Guitar Tricks Online Lessons has it all

Online lessons are the best way to learn guitar. The instructors are pros and the lessons have been structured for best impact. You can watch the videos and read the music any time of the day. You get backing tracks to play along and practice what you have learned to perfection. And it sound great and you friends and family will be impressed.

Guitar Tricks Review

If you really want to learn Blues Guitar you owe it to yourself to check out the Guitar TRICKS Review and if you plan to sign up you may also want to read the guide to get the GuitarTricks COUPON.

I am sure that you will find that Blues Guitar is only the starting point for you to learn even more. Before you know it you may be shredding Rock God or you find yourself wooing your loved one with a sentimental ballad. Check out http://www.ireallylikeguitars.com for more guitar info.

You can learn to play the Guitar

I am convinced that if you really want it, you can learn Blues guitar. There have never been so many great resource available as now. Youtube videos with free lessons, with concerts of great musicians, the internet full of how to information and Online Guitar Lesson websites that combine the best research about teaching with a wealth of experience for you to benefit. And the best thing is that it is cheaper now than it ever was. Imagine, a subscription fee where one month costs less than $15.00. Which local teacher can compete with something like this.

The cheapest way to sing up with Guitar Tricks

Here is my recommendation to get the very best deal to sign up with Guitar Tricks.

  1. Follow this link to register your email address http://www.ireallylikeguitars.com/likes/gt-full
  2. Wait until you get an email from Guitartricks.com with your username and password
  3. Login to Guitartricks.com using username password
  4. Have a look around and try out the free lessons – wait a couple of days
  5. Sign up for the Free Trial – check out the full access site using the free trial
  6. Wait a bit longer and see if you can get the offer to sign-up at an even better discount

I cannot guarantee that you will get that offer but even the normal price is pretty good and once you sign up using the normal price there is always a chance that you will get a discounted offer for the following year. I just received and offer to sign up for the annual membership for $99.00  This is $8.25 pre month. ……. Enough said! – Act now!

Let me know how you go – did you get that discount?

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